Declarative Programming → Making the life of a developer easier

In this article, we will see how streams and lambdas help in code understandability and make the programs more readable as compared to the imperative style of coding.

Streams are meant to be flown
Streams are meant to be flown

This is in continuation of my previous article on functional interfaces,

Streams are a collection of objects on which various methods can be applied while they are in the pipeline of execution. …

Functional Interfaces were introduced in Java 8. These interfaces are called functional because they basically act as a function. Mostly used in streams and CompletableFutures APIs in Java

Lambda expressions help in writing cleaner functional interfaces code

Let’s see some of the properties of all the functional interfaces in Java

→ Every functional interface has at least one non-default function and only one abstract function in which we are supposed to write our code either using lambdas or using anonymous classes(in this article we will see how to write functional interfaces using anonymous classes)

→ If there is more than one non-default function, then that must be overriding some…

Top tech start-ups

In this article, I will be sharing my interview experiences in some of the top tech start ups. I recently made a switch from Hike Messenger where I was working in the backend team as SDE 1. I have given interviews in various start ups and have cleared almost all of them. I have a total experience of 1.5 years as of Jan 2021. Let’s dive into each of these experiences one by one

1. Zeta (Directi company)

Role : SDE 2 Backend

First Round (1hr)

It was a DS Algo round in which I was asked 2 questions of medium / hard difficulty…

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Software Developer who likes to work in fast paced start up with sound knowledge of backend technologies and infrastructure.

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